Bridgewater Curling Club


Please be advised that as a renter/user of our ice facilities, you are responsible to            
ensure that you and your participants follow the clubs rules as well as those of curling
etiquette.  This is to be particularly adhered to for the following:

-        Outside footwear it NOT permissible to be worn directly on the ice
surface.  All players should have a change of footwear that has been
cleaned in advance.  This will prevent mud, sand, salt, etc from being
carried onto our ice.

-        It is the responsibility of both skips (and mates) to ensure that the
curling stones DO NOT smash into the hacks or deflect onto another
sheet or go careening into the boards at the back.

-        It is not necessary for a curler to throw a curling stone as hard as
he/she can throw it.  As a renter and user of the ice, you are responsible
for any damages that occur when the excessive use of force is used in
delivering a curling stone.  This pertains to both the ice and the rocks
themselves.  They are VERY expensive to replace.

-        Beverage can be taken into the ice shed BUT at no time should
they be taken onto the ice surface.  There are holders at the end closest
to the lounge where they should remain.  Please ensure that you remove
your glasses at the end of your game as well.

-        Food in any manner – chips, sandwiches, etc. are NOT allowed in
the ice shed.

-        Other than when delivering a curling stone, the stones should not
be lifted off the ice surface.

-        All players are welcome to use the club’s brooms or curling sticks,
but they are to be returned to the racks when the game is completed.

The whole purpose of curling is to enjoy the game and have some fun.

                                                        Good Luck!
For Rentals and Functions

CONTACT THE CLUB  at 543-2212