Friday Night - Social Night Curling at BCC
For six months of the year, Friday evening at the Bridgewater Curling Club is one of
the places to have a great time and celebrate the weekend.
There are two draws of relaxing, non-competitive curling, 6:30, 8:15pm, where the
score really doesn’t matter, having fun does!
The bar, of course, is open and don’t forget the food! Thanks to our weekly
sponsors, (who we encourage our members and guests to support), there is always
an ample supply of snacks on hand usually starting around 7:30pm.
Don’t be surprised if someone shows up with a guitar or a karaoke machine!
It’s a great way for new curlers to meet and mix with other club members. It’s the
evening when our social members come and enjoy themselves and guests are always
Get there early (as early as 6pm) to view all the action on the ice.
See you there!
2015-16 Sponsor Schedule