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New Curlers

Welcome to the Bridgewater Curling Club!

The Bridgewater Curling Club strives to bring curlers together on and off the ice for the enjoyment of the game and social time with new and old friends. There are many curling opportunities for all levels of curling and a variety of days and times. Visit the League Page to learn more.

The curling season is split into 2 halves – membership can begin in either October or January. The first half starts early-mid October and ends just before Christmas. The second half begins in the new year, and ends approximately the end of March. In late September, sign-up posters are placed on the bulletin board in the club for the first half of the adult evening leagues. In early December, sign-up posters are again posted on the bulletin board for the second half. Most of the day league curling is drop-in, and no pre-sign up is necessary. There is a wide array of membership categories that match the type and amount of curling that interests you – visit the Registration Form in the Membership section to view the descriptions and fees.

Early in the season, before the leagues begin, “learn to curl” clinics are offered by experienced instructors. Many members are more than willing to help new curlers with continued curling advice and instruction through-out the year, several which are certified coaches that can assist with fine-tuning technique as curlers progress. Curling can be taught with the traditional sliding delivery or with the assistance of a delivery throwing stick.

The club has many opportunities for new curlers to practice. There is a sign-up book available to book a sheet of ice at your convenience.

New curlers are encouraged to take advantage of the social events that comes with being a member. There are several on-ice fun events such as the Turkey Spiel before Christmas, the Boxing Day Lobster Spiel, Saturday Night Drop-in Curling, and the famous end of the year fun Sleepwalkers event. There are also many nights of off-ice activities with music, games, and social gatherings.

The Bridgewater Curling Club is well-known as a top-notch competitive venue. Each year, the club hosts competitive tournaments that are open for members to watch. New curlers can learn a lot from behind the glass, and may even get a chance to meet some famous curlers.

Curling is a sport that requires considerable flexibility, so wear comfortable warm clothing, especially loose, stretchy pants. The temperature in the ice shed is similar to a skating rink, but curlers often warm up as they become active, so a few light layers is best. For hand warmth, gloves or mitts can be worn, but it is important to have a grip surface on the palm and fingers. For beginners, a good clean indoor-only sneakers are good (rubber soles work well, plastic soles are ineffective). Starting out, there is no special equipment necessary as the club provides sliders and brooms. As curlers skills progress, personal sliders, grippers, curling shoes and brooms will be desired. Like other ice sports, the importance of head protection is becoming more common and accepted. The Canadian Curling Association recommends that recreational curlers take precautions against dangerous falls and wear protective headgear – preferably CSA-approved hockey style helmets. There is alternative headgear options available in our Pro Shop.

Other stuff new curlers should know?

  • Respect yourself, others, the facility, and the ice
  • Be a good sport, cheer for all good shots
  • Focus on improving your skills, not criticizing others
  • Be on time and ready to play
  • Learn how to curl safely by preparing your muscles with warm up and stretching activities
  • Always clean footwear before entering the ice shed
  • Friends are welcome to come watch, ask about signing in guests
  • Beverages are to be kept in designated holders are each end and off the ice.

Curling is distinct from most sports – with respected etiquette, individual challenges and team work. Good sportsmanship, self-discipline, working together, enjoying winning and handling defeat are just some of the benefits for everyone.

Always be positive, and curl for the fun of it!

Our Registration Form is available to download here.