Animals Policy


Except for service animals, animals are not permitted in the Club.

Children Policy


Children of members of the Bridgewater Curling Club are welcome in the Club to watch their parents/guardians curl except when entertainment is provided or when an event is designated an “adult only event”.

Such children shall be supervised by the parent/guardian to ensure they are not disruptive. Such children are not permitted in the ice shed during adult curling times.”

NOTE: We hold a Class “A” Club License. Our license contains no restrictions on children being present except when “adult entertainment” is held.

Club Access Policy

A “Fob” access system is in place to provide holders access to certain Club facilities during off hours as a matter of convenience. A fob is provided to paid up members (except Social Members and Junior Members) who shall pay an additional “rental” fee as determined yearly by the Executive and which includes a $5.00 deposit refundable upon surrender of the fob.

The fob is activated at the beginning of the curling year and is deactivated at the end of the curling year. The member may retain the fob if he/she intends to return as a member for the following curling year and upon payment by the member of the current usage fee the fob will be reactivated. If the member ceases to be a member the fob shall be returned in good condition.

Should the fob not be returned by a member who ceases to be a member or if the fob becomes damaged while in the possession of the member, the member shall be responsible for the cost of replacing the fob.

The fob holder shall be responsible for the care and usage of the fob. The holder shall be responsible for any damages to the club while using the club during off hours through fob access. If the holder brings guests into the club using the fob access, the holder is responsible for the guests and ensuring that guest follow all club rules while in the club and that guest leave the club when the holder Leaves.

If a fob becomes lost or damaged the holder shall notify the Club Manager immediately so that the fob can be deactivated if necessary.

An information sheet, outlining the fob holder’s responsibilities is to be given to the holder at the time fob is provided.

Committee Responsibilities Policy

The purpose of this Policy is to ensure consistent practice is followed by committees. Committees shall include:

  • House
  • Ice
  • Match
  • Bar {Past President) Sponsorship Publicity & Website Daytime Ladies Daytime Men
  • Junior Program Membership Turkey Spiel
  • Lobster Spiel
  • New Year levee
  • Mixed Spiel
  • Sleepwalkers


Each committee  chair is responsible for securing volunteers to ensure the committee functions properly.  An Executive member  will  be assigned to  each committee  as soon as practicable after  the  Annual General Meeting  and will  be expected to present a report  at the monthly Executive Committee  meetings as to the committee’s  operations. In addition  the committee chair shall submit  an annual report  to the Secretary at least one week prior  to the Annual General Meeting  and the report  shall provide  an outline  of the year’s committee  operations and finances.

Financial Assistance Policy

  1. At the discretion of the Executive Committee, financial assistance may be considered for teams taking part at sanctioned provincial, national or international  level events.
  2. From time to time teams made up of members from the Bridgewater Curling Club participate in events not sanctioned by the NSCA or the CCA and which could lead to national championships. These include Provincial Legion, Firefighters and Police championships. Such teams will not be eligible for financial support.
  3. Financial assistance may, at the discretion of the Executive Committee, be provided to teams comprised of Bridgewater Curling Club members taking part in playdowns at the national level.”

Junior Banner Policy

Banners for junior provincial championships will be displayed within the club for Under 21, Under 18, Under 15 Greenspiel, and Under 13.  The banner will be hung, provided is is supplied by the NSCA.  The Junior program is entitled to hang a photograph of the team beside the banner, at the expense of the junior budget.

If a banner is not supplied, the Junior program may purchase a banner from their budget including the players’ names and coach on the Junior Wall.

The banner will be displayed until the Junior Wall is filled, at which time the banner will be retired and a plaque with team names displayed on the Junior wall.  The plaque(s) will be supplied and maintain at club expense.

Banners will be displayed in the ice shed for teams that win a   Provincial Championship that normally leads to an Atlantic Regional or National Championship.

Three of the team’s four members must be paid active Bridgewater Curling Club members.

Banners will display all team members’ names, including the coach and alternate, if  applicable.

Junior Members Evening League Play Policy

Junior teams may, through the Junior Director, apply for Executive approval to curl Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays, space permitting, provided a parent or coach is always present  and upon payment of the equivalent of the then current Student membership fee.

Individual Junior Program members, who are members in good standing of the Junior Program, and are aged 14  as of October 1st of the current  program  year, may, through   the  Junior  Director,  apply  for  Executive approval  to  curl  with  a parent  or guardian on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday evenings provided  they  pay the equivalent  of the then current Student membership fee.

New Member Policy

A new member is a curler who has never been a member of the Bridgewater Curling Club.

Non-Member Policy

Non-members  who  wish to  participate  in the  social activities  of  Bridgewater  Curling Club must be signed in as guests by a member. Non-members may only be signed in as a guest a maximum of three (3) times in a curling season. Further admission would require the non-member to become a member of the Bridgewater Curling Club.

A member signing in a guest shall be responsible for that guest while the guest is on Club premises, and when the member leaves the Club, the guest must leave as well.

Spare Policy

During Club Playoffs, a spare can only be utilized from a team on the same night.  (ie. for Tuesday playoffs, the spare must be from a Tuesday league team.

A spare can only play in the position he/she is sparing for, or a higher position. (ie. a skip from another team cannot spare as a lead, second or mate, whereas a lead can spare in any position)

Non-members are entitled to spare at the cost of $10.

One league members are entitled to spare an additional evening per week at no cost. Sparing more than once in a week will require the member pay the $10 spare fee for the third or more sparing.  The same privilege is afford to Student members who is in the company of a parent or guardian.

Solicitation Policy

Solicitation  will only be permitted in the club upon approval of the executive.