Junior Curling

Bridgewater Junior Curling

The Bridgewater Junior Curling Program uses a mixture of instructional methods in 3 children and youth ages groups (5-7 year olds, 8-10 year olds, and 11+ year olds). All have a degree of skill instruction, special focus drills, curling games, and fun activities. We work hard to find a variety that keeps the curlers active, engaged, having fun, yet meet the individual development needs. Aside from individual skills, curling is a very social sport and we strive to intermix kids during sessions and build fundamental lifelong teamwork skills. The younger curlers participate in the NSCA “Badge Program” used throughout the province that formally assesses and advances curlers through development stages, such as safety, rules, etiquette, balance, delivery and weight control.

The Bridgewater Junior Curling Program has a long history of successful competitive curlers and teams. Competitive curling is overseen by the Nova Scotia Curling Association and competitions are held at various clubs in the province, including Bridgewater. Even at the youngest ages, curlers are invited to compete in the provincial Light Rock Jamboree. In these early years, the program supports curlers by organizing teams and participating as team coaches at the events. As curlers progress and teams begin to organize outside of the program, many of the program coaches stay involved in the competitive teams. The Bridgewater Junior Curling Program strives to financially support teams and coaches.

The junior curlers celebrate the end of each half-season with a Christmas party in December with the famous “turkey toss” and a Year-End party in March that includes skating on the last day before the ice is removed.

We welcome new curlers any time. The Junior Curling program also oversees schools, daycares, children and youth groups interested in trying curling. Contact the Junior Curling Director for more information.